So, about those goals: 

1000 stars - We will bring in one brand new yarn line of our choice.

2000 stars - We will offer free Stitch Support Services for an entire month!

3000 stars - New Living Room Community Space will be built into the store, all the better to hang out and soak in that new LYS smell.

4000 stars - Here's where it starts to get fun. We will bring in a second brand new yarn line, but it will be your choice. We'll take your suggestions and let the voting commence. YOU will decide what this newest addition will be. 

5000 stars - Need a boost in the morning? Us too... We'll be hosting a new morning Stitch N' Twitch knitting group Monday through Thursday from 10am to 11am so you can start your day off right; with caffeine and yarn. For the first six months, drop in, grab a free cup of coffee, and get your yarn fix. 

6000 stars - A year of yarn. Did I get your attention? Should we reach 6000 stars we want to give one lucky customer a years worth of yarn. How much is a years worth of yarn? Well, we figure it's about a skein a week. As we get closer to this goal, we'll share the knitty gritty details (see what I did there?), but for now, suffice to say that any purchase $5 or more pre-tax, between June 15th and July 15th may win you a years worth of yarn...

As the hermit crab finds a new shell, and the butterfly emerges from it’s cocoon...

The Nifty Knitter has grown too big for it’s home. And the great news is — we’ve found a new home just around the corner at Gilman Village Suite 1! 

Our dream is to create a bigger, better, happy-go-lucky place for you to get away, relax, knit with friends, and even learn with the help of our friendly, supportive and knowledgable staff.

But we need your help! During the summer months things can slow down for us, so we’re asking you to help make this new home-away-from-home a reality!

During the buildout, from June 15th until July 15th, stop in and show your support — each time you shop, your purchase will contribute Nifty Stars towards meeting various collective Star Goals. Each goal we meet will help us build an even better space for you!      


As of JUly 15th we have "Stashed"         4,052 Stars!